Rick Adshade

Broker / Owner

Rick has worked in a few different fields, with each opportunity, when he reflects back he realized he has always been a people helper.  He believes that is what a sales career is, helping people to achieve what they want.

The first venture at a young age, with his brothers, digging a basement in a house, with shovels, by hand, carrying the dirt away in buckets.  An image of that in your mind, makes you think of child labour laws, but they were paid 5 cents per minute.  At the end of everyday they were paid, to the minute.  When you travel through Oxford, you will notice the house with big pillars, on Main Street. That is the house, it is still standing, so the work was acceptable and of quality since it is still solid.

Later in life after other jobs in electronics and plant and flower sales, Rick and his brothers got together and had a few beers.  Some people would think this is not the best combination.  For that day, it was an experience, they created this idea of opening a variety store.  It was successful, they supplied penny candies to the kids in school, they still cost a penny, when pennies existed.  We carried a small line of household items.  When traveling through town you might notice this location as the Ewe Nique Boutique, now selling supplies for various crafting hobbies and owned by someone else.  Back then things were great, everyone worked other jobs and this business was a hobby, it was meant to expand.

The large building across the street came for sale, they bought it, moved in and expanded business.  Coffee shop, groceries, pizza, video rentals, there was no online streaming then, the only streaming was the river going through town.   You can notice this building, in the centre of town, corner of Main and Water, the kids all came for lunch, received their candy, some even paid for it, and back to school they went.  Now you would recognize it as the Sunset Community Cafe, back then it was the Kwik Way.

After a period of time, it was the moment everyone chose to move on and went separate ways.  Rick entered Real Estate.  After 16 years of flying the flag of a  local company, it was time to change again and Rick started Starscape Realty, as owner and broker.

Rick did not know, when he was operating the Kwik Way and providing treats to the kids, that he was then building a customer base for a future real estate career.  Some of those same kids, who purchased candy and other items in the store, now use the services Rick offers as a REALTOR®, 20 years later, he must have treated them right, to allow him to go from selling penny candy to the biggest purchase of their life.

Time has changed but treating people well will always remain a trait that allows Rick to prosper with business, while helping people flourish in their goals of real estate.

So if you are thinking of buying or selling in the area, call Rick, born, raised and worked in the area for over 50 years, 20 years in the real estate industry.  Backed by years of experience, in the area and in business, put him to work for you.  He will help you find your paradise.

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